A sad banana, yesterday.
A sad banana, yesterday.

I heard yesterday that a radio commercial I worked on has been nominated for TWO awards! The Cream Awards and the London Internationals. (These are bloody brilliant awards to win, so keep your fingers crossed).

This commercial is special because it’s beautifully written (by Rebecca Paul) – it’s a fantastic concept. It’s a highly visual ad; you can picture exactly what’s happening in your mind’s eye. This, Reader, is radio at its best. It’s true Theatre of the Mind stuff, this.

The character voice is performed by Leo Bayley at Orion Media and he did a *fantastic* job. Imho, it’s because of the great creative and Leo’s ace performance that this ad stands out. I’m the friendly announcer at the end – pretty bog-standard stuff in comparison.

Have a listen. It’s called ‘Sad Banana.’ And honestly, who doesn’t love a sad banana?

This ad was made by Orion Media and was produced by Graham Hellis.

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