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I often get emails from people asking how they can break into the world of voiceovers. I’ve always replied with the most basic of tips and a link to this blog post…but, I thought a couple of months ago while performing a Downward Dog, surely I can do more to help.

I mean, we’ve all got to start somewhere, haven’t we? Me, I was helped hugely by three experienced pros who were kind enough to spend their precious time on a bushy-tailed Ribena-smiled wannabe whippersnapper like I once was. (These days I’m a jaded miserable old cow, obviously). I’m so grateful for that help, that advice because honestly without it, I wouldn’t be doing this job. It’s a difficult game to get into, voicing. Where do you learn about it? How do you know where to even start?

So I’ve created Hush Hush Voiceovers – it’s a training resource site for voiceovers at every stage of their career. When you sign up, you get access to a script library, a video library to help you practice your sound-to-picture technique, a pro voiceover demo section and masterclass podcasts featuring industry leaders. There’s even a 14 day free trial for new subscribers! What’s not to love?

Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t become a pro voiceover overnight as I wrote so passionately in this blog post. It takes practice, dedication and a lot of hard work to cut it. So Hush Hush is all about accelerating your voiceover craft…and giving you the right tools and advice from award-winning professionals to help you along your journey.

Do check it out. There are free podcasts on there too. You’ll learn loads about the world of professional voicing: vocal and breathing technique classes, insider tips, tech info from leading gurus – a whole bunch of stuff.

I really hope you like it! 🙂


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