I love great radio creative and I love brave clients even more. When the two collide, it means I get to voice extraordinary scripts.

A regular customer of mine emailed me: “Can you sound trashy? And European? You’ve got to sound like a desperate wannabe model type person.”

Reader, there could only be one answer.


For this one I had to do a ridiculous accent – think Benelux/Deutsche/Scando and you’re there. Imagine me wearing furry hot pants and a neon green halterneck top. (Actually: don’t. It’s a hideous thought).


And at the other end of the scale, there’s this – a thought-proving, poignant ad I voiced yesterday for The Samaritans.


See? This is what happens when brilliant creatives get their mits on a campaign: bloody great radio, that’s what.


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To check out the fab radio in the pic above, click here.



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