Take a break from work and settle down for a few minutes with some of Emma’s admittedly pointless diversions.


Fun & spoof audioFun and spoof audio

A collection of fun and spoof audios for you to enjoy.
Let’s hear it…



outtakesStupid stuff and out-takes

A small selection of stupid clips and out-takes from Emma’s voiceover recording sessions.
Oh, go on then


Create your own voiceoverCreate your own voiceover!

Take a slice of seasonal script, add a dash of voice and a sprinkle of insanity…
I’m in!


Fridge magnet gameFridge magnet game

It’s just like fridge-magnet poetry, except without the poetry. And with a voice.
Just for a minute, then!


Comedy reads



Want to hear some daft audio? Of course you do!


Want to hear some ridiculous impressions? Hell yes!



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