A few years ago I recorded Ron Hogan’s excellent modern take on Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.

I came across his book ‘Getting Right With Tao’ by happenstance when I wasn’t really searching for it, which is when all the best discoveries are made. I’m a lover of Taoism and have been for years. It’s a simple, complex, huge and little concept all at the same time – the tao just is. I contacted Ron to ask if I could record it and he very kindly agreed. The thing I remember about the recording session – and bear with me because it was done years ago – was just how smoothly it went. The recording and editing was an utter joy.

Ron’s book is a beautiful, simple, accessible piece of art that applies ancient wisdom to our crazy 21st century lives.

The Boston Globe calls it ‘the ultimate guide to modern living.’ I hope my voice has done it justice.

There are 81 parts. Sadly when I uploaded it, Soundcloud really wasn’t feeling the tao and wouldn’t let me create a single playlist of all 81 tracks. Sheesh! So the complete work is split over 3 playlists below.



To buy Ron’s book, click here.

To learn more about Ron, check out his website.

To follow Ron on Twitter: @RonHogan



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