“Can you sound 30% more ‘red lipstick’?” – a voiceover playlist of contrast and variety


A voiceover showreel isn’t like a wallpaper pattern book.

Each style of voice we’re asked to do isn’t limited or prescriptive.

The voice is subtle and professional voiceovers are trained respond to different direction to change how they read a script – sometimes in tiny increments. (I once worked with a legendary producer who asked me to increase or decrease a vocal style in percentages – “Can you sound 5% more sexy? 17% less ‘shoulder pads’? 30% more ‘red lipstick’?”) So a sample of audio isn’t definitive – it isn’t *all* a voiceover can do.

This playlist was top fun to put together. It’s full of contrasting audio, different vocal styles and (I hope) shows my versatility.

– The first track is one of my favourites. We had a lot of laughs creating the voice. The client was brave enough to go with it!

– The poem ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ is one of my all-time favourites. In this read I wanted to show raw emotion in the face of grief.

– The ‘Mind the Gap’ clip speaks for itself… 🙂

– The vaguely drunk old lady is such fun to do. See if you can hear the gin!

– The ad promoting kindness was really moving to record. I’ve never been asked to record a commercial for pure compassion before; often an ad about kindness is selling something a charity, a product, an event. But this one is simply about kindness itself.

– The sexy skips ad is a brilliant example of excellent copywriting. The words helped a lot with this ad. A brave client and a well-written script are a gift to a voiceover.

– The medical research clip is clear, crisp and professional. I record a lot of medical stuff and most of it is covered by NDAs. This is a brief glimpse into this style.

– The passionate Liverpudlian is another beautifully written piece. It celebrates Liverpool, humanity – it’s just gorgeous.

– The tuneless singing is literally that – enjoy!

– I’ve ended the playlist with a 1940s Pathé news style ad. Another of my favourite styles.


Here’s the playlist – I really hope you like it! 🙂

Want to hear some comedy? Click here.

Want to hear a few tear-jerkers? Well, here they are!

Fancy something more corporate? Here you go. 🙂

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