My accounts guy in ‘weekend mode.’

I’ve written elsewhere about why I love my accounts guy. Here’s just one more reason.

This is an email he sent to a UK client yesterday.

Hi there,

Please find attached for resubmission a copy of our invoice No [REDACTED]. The original email submission was rejected for “No currency provided” and as previously, this is in error.

On the top left of all invoices from Emma Clarke Ltd, it clearly states “All prices on this invoice are in GBP”. For future reference; this text is located directly under the emboldened legend of “Invoice” at the top right of the layout.

We do not think it is an unreasonable assumption that two limited companies, both incorporated in England and Wales may default to their shared sovereign currency for trade. If we ever have good reason to utilise Algerian Dinar, Tongan Pa’anga, Mongolian Tughrik or any other world currency for domestic trade – we will most certainly make that clear and prominent on our invoices.

Many Thanks.

An accounts guy with a sense of humour! Who knew??

We await their reply…

Still bored? Have a listen to this nonsense.


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