Want to hear some daft stuff I recorded for BBC Newscast? Click here!

I bloody love the BBC’s Newscast.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a daily BBC news podcast and it’s fab. Apparently, it’s the BBC’s most listened-to podcast and is one of the most popular news podcasts in the United Kingdom.

This afternoon I got a call from one of the producers.

“Can you record some announcements for us?”

“HELL YES,” I said.

They wanted me to create ‘the sound of 2023.’

“What? The sound of howling despair, you mean?” I said, joshingly.

“Yes,” they said. “Exactly that.”

In particular, they wanted me to write and record the kind of announcements people will hear in train stations during the rail strikes.

“I’ll give you some serious ones,” I said, “but can I do some daft ones as well?”

To my huge delight, they said yes.

And here’s the result.


You can listen to the episode here. ——> BBC Newscast, 5th January 2023

If you’d like to hear ALL the stuff I sent to Newscast, getcha ears round this lot. (WARNING: NSFW or children).

Obviously, for editorial reasons, not all the clips were selected for broadcast…

Want to hear something more serious? Click here.

Want to hear some poetry? Click here!

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