Welcome to Emma Clarke’s global soapbox – the antidote to modern living, encapsulated in a series of freewheeling rants.

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*DING* I have ‘big project’ news…

A lot of the voiceover work I record goes under the radar. You might hear me in a radio or...
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What happens when heavy machinery is being used right outside your sound studio?

And your electricity goes off at the same time. How would you cope? Sometimes you’ve just gotta surrender to events....
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The sound of someone breathing reminds you you’re alive.

As a voiceover (and an asthmatic), I think a lot about breath. Most of the time when I’m recording I’m...
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How to teach a computer to sound human

(You can listen to a podcast about this audio here). It’s not often I hear audio that blows my mind....
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Who Do You Think I Am? My new newsletter/podcast combo

I do a bunch of different types work: voicing, recording, composing music, creating sounds. All this stuff is connecting to...
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Want to hear some daft stuff I recorded for BBC Newscast? Click here!

I bloody love the BBC’s Newscast. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a daily BBC news podcast and...
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Personal development

What does ‘living your best life’ even mean? Here are my personal commandments for achieving what’s feasible

Now, I don’t usually go for cheesy motivational jazz-hands meme-tastic stuff. You know the kind of thing – a pithy...
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What is the culture of urgency? And is it driving you crazy too?

  The voiceover industry is a fast-moving business. Voice jobs arrive, get voiced, get delivered, get invoiced. Bish bash bosh....
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Some of Emma’s clients

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“The perfect delivery. Every single time. Guaranteed. And always up for a brew and some cake.”
Chris Stevens, director, Devaweb
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“Emma is the best. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any voice over – she can handle anything.”
Mike Wyer, BBC