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Personal development

What does ‘living your best life’ even mean? Here are my personal commandments for achieving what’s feasible

Now, I don’t usually go for cheesy motivational jazz-hands meme-tastic stuff. You know the kind of thing – a pithy...
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What is the culture of urgency? And is it driving you crazy too?

  The voiceover industry is a fast-moving business. Voice jobs arrive, get voiced, get delivered, get invoiced. Bish bash bosh....
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“Warning: Whamageddon happening in 10, 9, 8….”

  It’s Christmastime and there’s a need to be afraid. Yes, ’tis the season of Whamageddon! If you’re not familiar...
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Tiny Blue Marble – a piece of music I composed for Britten Sinfonia

I was lucky enough to be selected by Britten Sinfonia to be one of their Opus One composers. It was...
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Being Kevin’s carrot mum – voicing the Aldi Christmas campaign

It’s not every day you’re asked if you can sound like a panicky root vegetable. Well, I say that, but...
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Stupid stuff

Sexy bins that talk

  Today’s been a bit of a media day. It’s all because of sexy bins. That is, bins that talk...
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Between the Ears – a programme for BBC radio 3

I was delighted to be part of this fantastic programme for BBC Radio 3. I’ve known the producer Jon Holmes...
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Stuff voiceovers know. (WARNING: I’m in vision)

Out of the blue I got a call from a lovely man who’d found an article I wrote ages ago...
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Some of Emma’s clients

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“The perfect delivery. Every single time. Guaranteed. And always up for a brew and some cake.”
Chris Stevens, director, Devaweb
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“Emma is the best. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any voice over – she can handle anything.”
Mike Wyer, BBC