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Happy Unbrexit Day

    This piece contains foul language. If you're a child, step away now. If you disapprove of swearing, don't read it and CERTAINLY don't listen to the audio version. And now you've been warned, please don't complain.     Today is UnBrexit Day and instead of leaving the EU…

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“What the world needs is a podcast about radio commercials obtaining legal clearance for broadcast.”

Me and a couple of pals have created a stupid comedy podcast about the rigmarole of getting radio advertisements cleared for broadcast. Anyone who works in radio will be familiar with this arduous process (although the Radio Advertising Standards Agency is purely a figment of my fevered imagination). And if…

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A hotpot of Northern reads

  I'm a proud, passionate northerner. I was born in the north and I live in the north. Cut me, and I bleed Manchester caviar. But for my work, my natural flat vowels are oft shunned in favour of Estuary English. One customer didn't even realise I was from Manchester!…

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