You can’t make an omelette without breaking…

It’s Easter and in radio land that means only one thing:  egg-based clichés.

I was doing a session with one of my favourite producers yesterday and he asked me how many Easter clichés I’d recorded this week.

“Have you done ‘Easter Eggs-travaganza’ one?” he asked.
“Hell, yeah,” I said.
“How about ‘our deals are eggs-ellent’?”
“’At these prices you’ll think we’re yolking?’”
“Yes.  I’ve done ‘we’re chock full of our cracking deals,’ ‘hop on down,’ ‘don’t shell out a fortune…’”
“Ah,” he said.  “I bet you’ve not done ‘we’re rabbiting about some amazing bargains.’”
“Yes I have,” I said.  “I did it yesterday.  Twice.”
“You’ve not done ‘don’t chicken out’ have you?”
“I’m afraid so,” I said.
“Damn.  I was sure I had you there.”  He sounded really quite depressed.
“I did do a new one today though,” I said.
“I don’t believe you,” he said.  “There are no new ones.”
“Well, put it this way, I’ve never had to say it before.”
“Go on then, you tease,” he said.  “What was it?”
“It was ‘megga deals’,” I said.  “Geddit?”
“Oh, I see,” he said balefully.  “M-egg-a.”
“Exactly,” I said.  “What’s left if we don’t do Easter clichés?”
“Shit scripts,” he said, desolately.  “Just lots of shit scripts.”

Reader, I must point out that the views expressed by colleagues are not necessarily shared by me but I certainly empathise…

Have a very Happy Easter.


Photo by Antoni Shkraba

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