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The circle of life

Today I was chatting to a producer pal. "Do you remember when you gave birth?" he asked. "Of course I do!" I said. "One of the best days of my many memories...such emotion..." "I'm not talking about actual birth, you stupid cow. I'm talking about when you gave birth…

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How to enjoy waiting

As a professional voiceover, I spend a lot of my time waiting. Waiting for people to send me scripts. Waiting for people to dial me on ISDN. Waiting for people to tell me if the read I've just done matches their visuals. Waiting for tech issues to resolve. Loads of…

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The hell of counting

As a voiceover, I'm sometimes I'm asked to count. My customers need counted numbers for all sorts of things: music charts, countdowns (obv), years (counting up and counting down)...and episode numbers. I was once asked to count to 5000. Well, you can imagine THE MIND-NUMBING HELL. Sometimes when I count,…

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