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Jobs I Have Turned Down

How I didn’t become the voice of waterboarding

Here’s another episode in the occasional series Jobs I Have Turned Down. This story is outrageous. Enjoy. (Some swearing appears...
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“Can you sound like a mad clown in a cowshed?”

The phone rang. It was a regular customer. “Can you sound like a mad clown in a cowshed?” “Do bears...
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Character voices

“Dear Emma Clarke, do you do men?”

Reader, it’s a question I’m sometimes asked. In this case, the follow-up question was “Specifically, do you do Yorkshire men?...
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“Emma, could you try and sound a bit less sexy?”

    This is a curious piece of audio created for me by a much-loved producer customer. It features several...
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Exploring Tr*mp’s words

    Yesterday Donald Tr*mp gave a press conference that was arguably the most bizarre and terrifying spectacle I’ve ever...
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Making beautiful music

    I’m delighted to share this collaboration with you. It’s an ambient music project I’ve worked on with From...
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Character voices

The oddest, most brilliant, most fascinating project I’ve ever recorded

  Late last year I worked on the oddest, most brilliant, most challenging job I’ve ever recorded. And I say...
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Unlikely makes anything possible

Last Sunday afternoon I was watching Gladiator with the kids. Suddenly I discovered I could ‘do’ Russell Crowe saying “My...
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Some of Emma’s clients

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“The perfect delivery. Every single time. Guaranteed. And always up for a brew and some cake.”
Chris Stevens, director, Devaweb
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“Emma is the best. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any voice over – she can handle anything.”
Mike Wyer, BBC