up close and personal

Up close and personal

Well, Readers, I’ll be honest with you: over the past couple of days my personal grooming has suffered.  And I rather fear there have been times when I’ve smelt of chicken pie.  Not because I’m habitually scruffy, you understand, it’s just that this week has beenmental.

I’ve had very little time to attend to the ‘normal’ things in life:  doing the laundry, eating, buying milk.  I’ve hardly had chance to talk to my friends and family.  Ludicrously, I’ve told them to read the blog to tell them about what’s happened.  (And you’ve no idea how much of a tosser I’ve felt saying that).  I’ve barely sent any text messages…a real rarity.  (My thumbs are healing up nicely, actually).  I’ve only left the house to take my little girl to school and it’s been strange talking to people I don’t know who now know me because of what’s been in the media.  It’s a bit freaky.

Some of the weirdest things that have happened have been so ‘left field’ I’ve questioned my sanity.  I woke up really early on Tuesday morning honestly wondering if I was experiencing a narcissistic psychotic event – everything has been so surreal.

  • I had an email from a lawyer offering to represent me because he felt my human rights had been violated.
  • I had a call from a newspaper asking me if I’d mind if they took photographs of my breasts.  I mean honestly.
  • A personal trainer guy wrote to me after he’d read the‘sedentary lifestyle’ blog offering his services, vouching he’d lost “over 30 pounds!!!!!!”

And I’ve just finished recording an ad for a shop selling discounted coloured emulsion in Buxton.

Readers, for this week at least, life’s a mixed bag.

My daughter is starting to ask questions…

What happens when heavy machinery is being used right outside your sound studio?

Today I have a sore throat

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