Me and a couple of pals have created a stupid comedy podcast about the rigmarole of getting radio advertisements cleared for broadcast. Anyone who works in radio will be familiar with this arduous process (although the Radio Advertising Standards Agency is purely a figment of my fevered imagination). And if you’re not in radio, you’ll doubtless be familiar with the pedantry of narrow-minded bureaucrats who seem to enjoy making people’s lives miserable.


Our podcast is called CLEARING THE AIR and features Claudette Bewley, a senior official at the Radio Advertising Standards Agency. She leaves messages on random copywriters’ voicemail advising them where they’ve gone wrong.


CLEARING THE AIR is written by me and is voiced by me and mega-gob Taff Girdlestone. The producer is Rik Watson.


Have a listen to the trailer.



I’d be over the moon if you’d subscribe, listen and leave a review. (No pressure…but please…).

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Find out more about the podcast on the CLEARING THE AIR website.


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