Sometimes I’m asked to voice things I just can’t voice. Or at least, I can’t voice them straight off. Mainly because I’m an emotional ball of teary snot.

I really struggled with these commercials. They’re very hard-hitting (they have to be) and they’re gut-wrenching. The scenarios they describe are terrible. Beyond terrible. And the thought I struggled with as I was voicing them is that these scenarios are happening somewhere in the world, right now. This moment.

That thought did me in.

My challenge was to voice these ads in a fairly flat way.

This was one of the most difficult sessions I’ve ever recorded and the patience and basic bloody humanity of my client, John Calvert at Airforce kept me going.

I was in bits.

I had to stop a few times and regroup.

After the session, when John had dialled down I just sobbed.

I came out of the studio to concerned faces. I think the guys that share my office thought I was having a breakdown.

Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. And for God’s sake have a hanky handy.

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