So much of my work is bound up in words – listening to words, writing words, saying words. Writing music gives me the freedom to express an idea, a feeling, without the burden of language.

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Violin and piano

Music for strings

I love music. Music is all around me throughout my whole day – in the kitchen on the radio, in the office on Spotify. My whole life feels immersed in music.

I play classical guitar – I started learning when I was 9 years old – and I became obsessed with improving my technique, understanding how to convey deeper meanings in the music I played. I used to practice for hours and hours on end. I’m no great shakes on guitar – it’s hellishly difficult to play and honestly, I’m not that great at it – but I love playing it.

I’ve been writing music since I was a kid, but I’ve only come to orchestration in the past few years. Having new sounds, new instruments to write for is a tremendous adventure for me. A world of music has opened up.

I’ve studied music composition, melodic forms and harmony with the California Institute of the Arts, with Honors.

“Emma’s music is able to take the listener on a journey that will amaze! Her imaginative musical style is expressive, unique and infectious. Working with Emma is a creative and joyful experience … the mark of a true artist!”

Michael Vail Blum, producer (Prince, Madonna, Pink Floyd, Kelly Clarkson)

The Air Around Him Sparkles

When I get an idea for a piece of music, it often starts with a feeling, an idea. Sometimes it’s a texture, or a sensation. The way my senses blur is weird and fascinating and when I sit down to compose, I try to figure out what it is that I want to say in music.

Sometimes I’ll just sit and listen to what I can hear inside my head. Sometimes it sounds like a tune playing far away, through walls and ceilings, as if I’m listening to someone play music four floors above me. I have to strain to catch the melody.

When I start to compose, sometimes the music wants to go in its own direction. I’ve learned not to fight it and just let it be what it wants to be.

I have a *lot* to learn about music composition. But I’ve made a start.

For me, writing music is a powerful way for me to cope with the tumult and chaos of the times we’re living through. Writing music helps me makes sense of myself.

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Music for choreography

Music for piano


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