So much of my work is bound up in words – listening to words, writing words, saying words. Writing music gives me the freedom to express an idea, a feeling, without the burden of language.

Here’s my music website. No voice stuff, just music.

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Violin and piano

Music for strings

I love music. Music is all around me throughout my whole day – in the kitchen on the radio, in the office on Spotify. My whole life feels immersed in music.

I play classical guitar – I started learning when I was 9 years old – and I became obsessed with improving my technique, understanding how to convey deeper meanings in the music I played. I used to practice for hours and hours on end. I’m no great shakes on guitar – it’s hellishly difficult to play and honestly, I’m not that great at it – but I love playing it.

I’ve been writing music since I was a kid, but I’ve only come to orchestration in the past few years. Having new sounds, new instruments to write for is a tremendous adventure for me. A world of music has opened up.

I’ve studied music composition, melodic forms and harmony with the California Institute of the Arts, with Honors. I’ve also completed a Masters Degree at Leeds Conservatoire and am now a post-grad research student at the Royal Northern College of Music. Find out more about my music here. I’m fortunate to be one of the Britten Sinfonia Opus 1 composers for 2022. My work has won the Gold award for composition at the World Classical Music Awards four times.

“Emma’s music is able to take the listener on a journey that will amaze! Her imaginative musical style is expressive, unique and infectious. Working with Emma is a creative and joyful experience … the mark of a true artist!”

Michael Vail Blum, producer (Prince, Madonna, Pink Floyd, Kelly Clarkson)

The Air Around Him Sparkles

When I get an idea for a piece of music, it often starts with a feeling, an idea. Sometimes it’s a texture, or a sensation. The way my senses blur is weird and fascinating and when I sit down to compose, I try to figure out what it is that I want to say in music.

Sometimes I’ll just sit and listen to what I can hear inside my head. Sometimes it sounds like a tune playing far away, through walls and ceilings, as if I’m listening to someone play music four floors above me. I have to strain to catch the melody.

When I start to compose, sometimes the music wants to go in its own direction. I’ve learned not to fight it and just let it be what it wants to be.

I have a *lot* to learn about music composition. But I’ve made a start.

For me, writing music is a powerful way for me to cope with the tumult and chaos of the times we’re living through. Writing music helps me makes sense of myself.

Hear more here.

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Music for choreography

Music for piano


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