Teaching a Voiceover Masterclass – Darren Altman

Darren Altman

I’ve known Darren Altman for years. He’s steadily built up his portfolio and is one of the most well-respected voices in the industry. I can honestly say he’s one of the most hard-working voices in the country. He writes, performs, does stand-up, creates funny videos that tell the story of our times with his incredible impressions and he’s a bloody great bloke.

I was very flattered when he called me to ask if I’d coach him through his new Narration Showreel. I love teaching (I’m a qualified speech and drama teacher) although these days I don’t get time to do much of it. But coaching an experienced voice in a masterclass was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The session was also going to be run by supremo producer Rik Watson so it was a chance for me to work with two of my faves.

We did the session over Zoom so I could see what Dazza was doing with his mouth (essential). We worked through each read, changing it with subtle direction to get the best results. Darren wanted to show a range of styles in this reel, even though they’re all narratives.

And here’s the result! I hope you like it. To find out more about Darren, click here.


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