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Well, this is it, the very first entry into my very first blog!  How exciting. Now…to find the right tone, the right ‘voice’ that conveys who I am and what I do, yet also manages to find the subtle balance between smugness, that awful self-deprecation thing that people do and the appropriate level of professionalism to convince would-be customers that I’m reassuringly credible…  Hmmm…Stuff that.  I’ll just tell you about my life and how it is.  This is a ‘no frills’ blog.

Today I woke up knackered, as if I hadn’t slept.  It was cold and the main quality of the weather was that miserable greyness so familiar to Brits; the half-light that feels as though we’re living inside a Tupperware container in the back of a manky student fridge.  My daughter woke me up telling me that her eczema ‘is big today.’  Niiice.  Then it was the frantic breakfast time panic, the school run (where I do my best to avoid eye-contact with the mothers who give me The Fear) and then eventually back home to start the day’s work.

I work from home, you see.  Mainly in a voice booth that used to be a downstairs bog, although I should point out that the bog itself has long gone and the booth is now a proper booth with no extra ‘facilities’…  Working a challenge at the moment cos I’m having my kitchen ‘done.’  This means there’s a fair bit of joinery-based noise which is GREAT!  It also means I’m covered in a slight dusting of sawdust.  Thankfully though, no-one gets to actually see me in my job.  Which, for the customers at least, is probably a bonus

Off now to record a set of ads for a Ford dealership in the Midlands.  It’s all glamour here!


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Hello – a short film by David Richard Birtles

A fan writes…

One more reason why I love local radio ads

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