A fan writes…

This week I had an email from a man from Brazil asking me to ‘defend’ what I’m wearing.

Now, I think the essence of his message might have got lost in translation. I think he might have wanted me to describe what I’m wearing but hey-ho.  He might not actually have been accusing me of crimes of fashion, but let’s take him at his word.


Today I’m wearing boot cut jeans in an attempt to flatter my child-bearing hips.  This, chiefly, is their defense.   Also, they were on offer and happen to be made from special eco-denim, which means they were probably woven from recycled seatbelts or spinach or something – and we’ve all got to do our bit for the environment, haven’t we?


My grey T shirt is practical and ideal for the casual ‘work at home’ look but when I think about it, it could have been made in a Shanghai sweatshop and if it was, I’m very, very sorry.  On these grounds, the T- shirt is probably indefensible.  I have no more to add about the T shirt.


A green hoodie thing completes the outfit and offers an up-to-date alternative to the cardigan.  Even though it’s June it’s a bit chilly in Cheshire and wearing an extra layer means I won’t have to put the heating on, so technically, this hoodie is helping save the planet, isn’t it?


My ridiculous Croc shoes have no parts of dead animals on them.  They are 100% vegan.

My simple silver jewellery supports Irish craft-workers and was bought ‘on site’ in Dublin, thereby cutting ‘jewellery miles.’

Other garments

I’m not going to talk about any other garments I might be wearing because  clearly, that would be wrong.

There.  Defended in full.  I hope he’s satisfied.

“Warning: Whamageddon happening in 10, 9, 8….”

Now I know what you’re thinking…

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