Happy New Year!


So it’s 2015. The start of a whole new…something. A new year certainly. But I guess every day can be a new year if you want it to be. (Also: I’ve never been sure when saying ‘Happy New Year’ becomes a bit, you know, daft. Mid-January?? Not sure…) What is clear is that I HAVE A WHOLE NEW WEBSITE!

Have a look around – there’s a bunch of stuff in the demos section and it’s all been neatly categorised so you can choose what you want to listen to. There’s info about my books, and a whole bunch of interviews about my books here. If you want more info about me and my exciting life, just explore. And if it’s fun you’re after, there’s loads of stuff to help you waste hours of your life right here. Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you think my updates on cake, gravel and drinking tea will enrich your life (they will, trust me).

I started back after the Christmas break on Monday. Reader, that first day after New Year was a challenge. A mountain of scripts, a sluggish mind, body clock all over the place. (I had a sort of Christmas-style sort of jet-lag caused by late nights, long lie-ins and watching Bake Off masterclasses on loop. Honestly, ask me anything about making Chelsea Buns. ANYTHING). Every producer I spoke to that day was depressed/hung over and sounded really, really tired. One guy I was recording a session with had to leave the studio to vomit. So there were pluses and minuses.

My new year’s resolution? To take a lunch break every day. Even if it’s only a little one. Here’s hoping, eh?

A peek around the door into Mr Dickson’s dressing room

“Can you break physics and make this commercial read to time, please? Thanks!”

Search Engine Optimization ‘experts’? Don’t make me laugh…

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