Happy New Year!

As I took down my Christmas decorations, I felt my usual flood of post-festive nostalgia tinged with a slight edge of relief.  My affection for the singing Frosty The Snowman figurine, the glow-in-the-dark fiberoptic frosted Victorian village and the animated novelty reindeer herd so loved by my family was waning.  As Frosty burst into yet another rendition of his timeless theme, I knew one of us had to go…


But what a Christmas it was!  I felt so festive I’m sure if you’d have cut me, I’d have bled eggnog.  I had a great time.  Such a smorgasbord of carbohydrates!  And such wonderful television to watch!  So many exciting repeats!  And through the haze of chestnut puree there was the promise of going back to work bright, refreshed and ready for an exhilarating year of creative challenge.

And on this, my first day back after the break I’ve not been disappointed.  This is going to be a busy year and if I’m going to get the best I can out of it, I have to WORK HARD.  Oh yes.


And it’s not just me who’s facing an exciting year!  Rich Sweetman, my partner in voicing crime is on the CUSP of celebrity.  On Saturday he’s going to be featured in BBC 1’s new Saturday night prime time entertainment show – THE ONE AND ONLY!  He’s been given the heady task of judging Robbie Williams sounda-looka-smella-behave-alikes and has been given the misty-eyed title of ‘Superfan.’  I for one am VERY excited.  I’m finding it very hard to concentrate.


But, Reader, concentrate I must.  I have important tasks ahead.  I have a lot to achieve this year.  And to do it, to find the energy, the passion, the will, the strength of character to do it…I feel I have no alternative but to finish the box of Fox’s Luxury Chocolate Biscuits going to waste in the kitchen cupboard…

I’m not doing this for my sake.  Oh no.  I’m doing it for ART.

Hello dolly!

A fan writes…

Same ad – different voice choice!

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