How to enjoy waiting

As a professional voiceover, I spend a lot of my time waiting. Waiting for people to send me scripts. Waiting for people to dial me on ISDN. Waiting for people to tell me if the read I’ve just done matches their visuals. Waiting for tech issues to resolve. Loads of waiting.

Like, LOADS of waiting.

So what do I do while I’m waiting?

Well, Google cats that look like Elvis, obviously.

Blue suede paws.

Blue suede paws?


Toast with the face of Jesus?

A taste of heaven?

A taste of heaven?


Epic baking fails.

Buns or tortured souls begging for death?

Buns or tortured souls begging for death?


I was just about to search for videos of baby pandas sneezing and unfortunately, my script arrived so I’ll have to go and do some work. Booooooo.

(If you’ve got time to kill, you could do worse than listen to these stupid clips).

it’s the season of the sofa ad!

“Can you sound like a mad clown in a cowshed?”

My son, the Ballet Boy

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