*DING* I have ‘big project’ news…

A lot of the voiceover work I record goes under the radar.

You might hear me in a radio or TV commercial, in an app, in a how-to video, in an on-hold message, in a game, in a piece of machinery (I’m thinking here of the talking urinal – that was a memorable gig). You can even hear me in toys.

A big chunk of my work has to remain confidential. (This is the work I do for multinationals, NGOs and government bodies).

But sometimes I work on projects that have a higher profile and sometimes my work becomes a bit more visible.

I put out this tease last weekend on Instagram.


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So…now the embargo has finally been ‘lifted’… *

I’m delighted to tell you I’ve been asked to be the voice of Channel 4’s ‘Rise and Fall,’ a new epic reality TV show.

It’s packed with drama, betrayal, alliances and cut-throat ambition where are group of players are competing to win a huge cash prize. This is a game about POWER.

And I play the part of…The Lift.

* sorry/not sorry for the pun there.

Credit: Channel 4

(The picture features the show’s host, Greg James. Inside my costume).

What does a lift sound like? It’s a machine so it needs to sound most definitely not-human.

My voice brief is: authoritative, gravitas, unemotional, smooth, calm, mature, slightly menacing…which my family can tell you is me to a T.

“The Rise And Fall lift is a key component within the show, transporting players from the top to bottom, or vice versa.”

The show is made by Studio Lambert – the guys behind hit TV shows ‘Gogglebox,’ ‘Undercover Boss’ and ‘The Traitors.’

I can’t wait for you to see it. Here’s the trailer. You’ll hear me at the end.

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You’ll be able to watch ‘Rise and Fall’ from March 19th on Channel 4 in the UK.

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