why i love my computer

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when I’d cheerfully chuck my PC in a skip, or at a passing computer helpline adviser but honestly, without my computer I couldn’t do my job.

Trust me, I’m no techie. There are plenty, far more technically able voiceovers than me (I hyperventilate when I have to operate Sky Plus) but without the ability to record, edit and send data files over the internet my professional life would be scuppered. And I’d lose a shed load of international customers too.

Back in the days before broadband, it’d take HOURS to send even a tiddly little file.  Now though, it’s a doddle.  When I’m sending a really big file I use ftp which is ace. Most people want their audio in mp3 format, but there are a few (why? why??) who want it as a wav file. It’s so quick and easy!  All I have to do is chop up the audio (which usually means editing out all the screw-ups), attach it to an email and we’re off!  These days most people know how to download and save this kind of data too, so that makes life easier.  Broadband, mp3 and wav format have opened up the audio industry in all sorts of ways.  A wide range of customers can access this kind of audio, without having to have a high skill level (and believe me, I know what I’m talking about when I talk about low skill levels…). Customers from all sorts of industries – not just production or advertising – want this kind of audio on their websites, on-hold announcements, even played at their son’s bar mitzvah.  And of course, this kind of audio file is easy to transport which makes it ideal for overseas clients.

I prefer sending mp3s cos they’re so quick to send…wavs take aaaages. But sending audio in this way isn’t always fool-proof – hell, what is?? Often the Screw-Up Pixie pays a visit and the files clip or jump a little but usually sending them again fixes it.

So while I can often be found muttering dark curses at my monitor, it’s my best friend and I love it.

(Does that sound a bit weird??)


Photo by Sumil Kumar

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