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A couple of weeks ago I got this email from a guy in Los Angeles called Seth.  He wanted me to work with him and his comedy partner Pablo on a MARZIPAN TACO comedy podcast and wondered if I’d be interested.  He told me that he and Pablo were into phone pranks…

I had a listen to their stuff…

…and I loved it.  LOVED it.  So I asked them why the hell they thought they needed me?  Seth and Pablo came up with an idea.  They were going to pitch a movie to a film company that would star their great mate Keanu Reeves. It was going to be a big budget ‘intelligent’ action movie – think ‘Speed’ meets ‘2001’…and it was going to feature a train…a train that turned bad – an evil, nasty train that had become “aware.”

Reader, you guessed it, they wanted me to be the voice of the train.  And that’s how we came up with the concept of THE SENTIENT SUBWAY.  Have a listen to the Marzipan Taco podcast where the guys call Working Title Films in their popular feature ‘Let’s Call An Agent.’  It’s pure gold dust.

Click here to listen to the full Marzipan Taco Episode 10 podcast.

Or, to listen via iTunes, click here.

More about Marzipan Taco

MARZIPAN TACO is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by L.A.’s own Seth Cooper and Pablo Villaraigosa.  From off-the-wall topics and phone pranks to features like Let’s Call An Agent, Angry Black Woman, Time Traveler Pop Quiz and Diagnosis 411 — the boys at the Taco will have you laughing (or crying) for mercy.  DISCLAIMER:  Mercy not included.

Founded in October 2007 (and a relatively young podcast), MARZIPAN TACO has been written about by NEW YORK MAGAZINE, THE NEW REPUBLIC and featured on such online sites as DEFAMER, DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD, MEDIA BISTRO and LA OBSERVED.  It has been featured by iTunes, remained a Top 100 podcast pick on the service, and is downloaded more than 50,000 times each month.

Seth Cooper and Pablo Villaraigosa are hermits, much like legendary writer J.D. Salinger, and often refuse high-profile interviews and drink their body weight in vodka, just for the hell of it.  They’re often compared to 80’s singing phenomenon Hall & Oates, except neither has a moustache nor do they fear being followed around by private investigators.  Mostly, they just enjoy recording Marzipan Taco from the privacy of their bunker, just below the Hollywood sign.

They are available for parties, bar mitzvahs and as grief counsellors.  Emma Clarke loves them both and regularly sends them KitKats and items of her underwear.

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