A listener suffering my voice, yesterday.

A client emailed me. “Emma, can you sound annoying? Not just a bit annoying. We’re talking the kind of annoying that people never forget. You’d be the voice everybody loves to hate.”

I asked my colleague, Rich Sweetman who has endured almost twelve years of working alongside me. “Am I annoying?” I said.

He looked at me blankly, with the hundred-yard-stare of a man whose spirit has been almost entirely broken. He tried to form words but his mouth just moved in shapes. Eventually, he just nodded.

I replied to the client. “YES! I CAN SOUND ANNOYING BUT YOU KNEW THAT ALREADY AMIRITE??” I wrote. He sent me the script and I got cracking.

In the recording session, I demo’d a few voices I thought might be strong contenders. My favourite voice style ever is my take on a local independent radio newsreader. This voice emerged from this piece of voiceover audio I recorded ages ago. I’ll warn you, it’s ridiculous. It’s me, pretending to audition for a job as a local radio newsreader. Have a listen.

Reader, on hearing this audio the Head of News at a radio station which shall forever remain nameless offered me an interview…

So when I was asked to voice this ‘annoying’ campaign, the client wanted me to come up with a distinctive voice that could be developed into a regular feature on the ads. I remembered the spoof audition and riffed around the voice a bit. The client really liked it. Since then, it’s turned into a multi-ad campaign that’s now been running for a few years. Here’s the latest one. Enjoy!

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    I found your blog via the 2017 brexit post you wrote and skipped ahead from there to 2019. As someone who loves to play around with accents and is a bit of an amateur comedian your voice work, especially the spoof audition had me in bits. Your ability to maintain whatever voice you are doing and switch seamlessly between multiple tones, accents and pitches etc is awesome. Just thought I’d let you know this added a huge chuckle to an otherwise boring day so thank you and keep doing what you’re doing. Great job!
    Many Thanks

    February 28, 2020 at 6:21 am

      Oh bless you for taking the time to write! Your kind words mean the world. I’m glad you like my stuff. Good luck with your comedy! 🙂

      February 28, 2020 at 7:41 am

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