How to cope in these crazy times? Write some music.


We’re living in strange times. Untruths are reported as facts. The questionable acts of leaders go mostly unchallenged. Up means down, empty means full and elephant-in-the-room facts go largely ignored and in some quarters, even unreported. Reality isn’t really part of our national (international?) debate any more. How to cope?


This is one of the reasons I’ve taken to writing music. (With my son away at school and my daughter working weekends, I’m a redundant mum. I’ve had to fill my time with new stuff and making music feels bloody fantastic). To escape into the sounds in my head and away from the noise outside is a blessed relief. I don’t really know where this urge to write music – because it feels like an urge – came from. I’ve always loved music and I’ve played classical guitar since I was 9. But suddenly, the need to organise sound in time became something I couldn’t ignore. I’ve written bits of music for guitar over the years, but I wanted to write for strings, for woodwind, for brass, for orchestras.


As soon as I wondered if I had music in my head that was trying to be heard, suddenly it was all there. When I listen out for music, it’s as if I can hear it playing down the street. Or four floors above me, muffled and distant. I have to listen hard to catch it before it fades. I might start with a phrase, or a feeling, or an idea for a harmony, or a story and then suddenly the music wells up (I don’t know where from) and I follow it out onto the staves. I only play guitar so I have to listen to lots of music, study scores and research notation for all the instruments I’m writing for. I’m pretty clueless tbh, but I’m learning all the time.


Writing a piece of music is a way of expressing ideas, feelings and concepts free of the burden of language. It’s a way of expressing the subtext of what’s going on in my head, all the things I can’t express in words.


I write using Sibelius software and Note Performer. I’m hoping to have my work performed and recorded by musicians over the coming months. My dream is to write music for my son to dance to so much of what I’m writing is made for dance and choreography.


I’m working with the brilliant Fenton Hutson to get my scores musician-ready. I need *a lot* of help.


Anyway, here are some demos. I really hope you enjoy them. You can also hear my music on Spotify too.



Want to hear some of my voiceover demos? Click here.




*DING* I have ‘big project’ news…

down under-ground?

Blessed are the geeks…

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