Some new music written in the oddest of times

I’m lucky to be mentored by two fantastic composers – Fenton Hutson and Tom Harrold. These incredible musicians are both helping me to explore music and challenge myself.

This weird period has been fruitful for me, musically. I still have so much to learn but I’m beginning to explore different aspects of composition I’ve never tackled before.

I find writing music therapeutic. In this time, I’m using it to feel better about the world and express how I think and feel without having to find words.

To be honest, if I put some of the sentiments behind these pieces into words, I’d sound like a right drama queen.

So. On to the music.

I’ve written a few pieces for violin and piano – instruments I love to write for. I play classical guitar, so beginning to understand these instruments is a challenge I relish.

The music for these tracks is generated by NotePerformer within my composition software, Sibelius. I’m hoping that one day they’ll be played by actual humans! Without real people playing the music, these pieces are still works in progress.

The first one, Constraint, is about this feeling of not being able to do much – of being restricted.

Hesitation is about feeling stuck, of waiting to be able to move on.

No, I’m absolutely fine thanks is about showing the world you’re feeling totally ticketty boo.

Under the Dome starts as a poignant piece but then explodes into a celebration of life with a feeling of joy and gratitude.

Please take a listen. I really hope you enjoy the music.

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