It’s hard to write music with your heart hanging out.

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Today, I’ve written a piece of music for a string trio.

The birth of this piece was a journey. It took its time to tell me what it wanted to be. Initially, it started off as a theme I wrote for a piece of music for a ballet student who needed some music to accompany a spoken word bit of audio I recorded for him. (I can’t share that unfortunately as I don’t hold the copyright for the words). I liked the vibe so thought I’d try to develop it further.

I wanted to set myself the task of writing a piece about heartbreak and loss, of unrequited love and struggle. But sometimes it’s hard to write music with your heart hanging out. So I changed tack.

The music was leading me to think about the protests in Belarus. I’d heard the story of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and I was so moved to hear she was in exile. I can’t imagine what she’s thought, felt, seen, heard in these past weeks.

Anyway, this is the piece. I really hope you like it.

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