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Even though it’s October, somehow 2021 still feels unbegun.

We’re still in the middle (end? mid-point? who knows?) of the Covid-19 pandemic and ‘normal’ life has been on pause for so, so long. I’m not sure I even remember what real life felt like.

But even though it’s been a period of hiatus, even of stasis, I’ve kept busy.

I’m lucky that voicing has kept me occupied but I’ve been grateful for the time I would have spent out having a social life; the pause has given me chance to reflect.

I wanted to learn a new skill. Something challenging. After watching far too much Netflix I wanted to use my brain a bit.

Last September I started having music composition lessons with the brilliant Tom Harrold and music has become quite a force in my life.

I’m still voicing of course, but I’m writing a lot of music these days too; I’m taking a Masters Degree in music composition at Leeds Conservatoire.

If you’d like to hear the stuff I write, here’s my new website that’s all about the music.

Over the past few months I’ve been putting together two music podcasts that are now ready to share with the world.

Have a listen to this – all the info is right here.

Before the Bar Opens is a podcast about what happens before the music starts.

I talk to people who make, use and love music.

We recorded Season 1 over the summer and it’s now ready to roll. Episode 1 will be available on 19th October, wherever you get your podcasts.

Have a listen to the trailer.

And I’ve made another podcast, The Title Track. This one is all about how the title of a piece of music influences how you experience the piece.

It’s been fascinating to put together. Episode 1 is called ‘We Need To Talk About Our Relationship.’

I hadn’t realised just how much of our own lives, our own memories we project onto music.

My friends who contributed to this project have just been ace – I’m indebted to them. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

My ace mate Rik Watson has produced all this stuff…and there’s more to come soon so stay tuned. The next project is top fun to do and is completely different from the music podcasts.

So even though 2021 has been a bit of a weird year, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

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Between the Ears – a programme for BBC radio 3

Don’t read this if you’re easily offended. It’s about Brexit.

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