one of the most bizarre ads i’ve ever voiced

Today I had to voice one of the most bizarre ads I’ve ever done, ever.  It was about children not getting enough exercise and pivoted on the idea that an inactive child is a child who’s destined to be forever shackled to a sedentary life. (There were sound effects of actual shackles…) The agency wanted me to sound regretful and morose and to engender a feeling of shame in parents everywhere. One of my lines was: “This is the sound of a child doing inactivity.”

Leaving the grammar aside for a moment, surely inactivity by its very nature, is silent??And silence, surely, doesn’t involve big noisy shackles?? And if you’re ‘doing’ inactivity you’re doing something, so that’s not being inactive, is it??

Is it me? Am I taking this too seriously??


Photo by Gratisography

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