party time!

This afternoon me and Rich Sweetman had a party.  It wasn’t a big party.  In fact, there was just the two of us, a plate of Asda toad-in-the-hole-style nibbles, a bumper packet of Frazzles, a quiche and my ‘Funky Disco’ iPod playlist.  Oh, and a couple of bottles of Tizer.  (As IF me and Rich would EVER consume ALCOHOL while available for DUTY).  We had a top time. We even had a quiz!  Who says we don’t know how to have fun?  FOOLS, that’s who.


It was still very busy today, mainly with last minute Sales & Promotions stuff…or scripts that the writers had forgotten to put into production.  Doh!  I had a bit of a struggle with one script because it contained the words ‘swimming pool.’  I don’t know why, I just can’t say ‘swimming pool’ properly, at speed.  I wonder if I have labia issues.  (For anyone not familiar with organic speech production, I’m referring to sounds made by the lips and am by no means implying anything salacious…)  I think the secret is labial control…but perhaps here I’m in danger of putting too much thought into this…


During one read I was particularly rubbish because a) I was paying no attention whatsoever to the words I was reading b) I paid no attention to any direction the producer gave me and c) I forgot the timing I needed to achieve.  And why?  Because I was thinking about what’s in my fridge.  Has it past its sell-by?  Did I remember to get the brandy butter?  Was I wrong to buy quite so many parsnips?  (Like a lot of people at this time of year, I find myself panic-buying root vegetables).  Yes, Reader, I was in the midst of a Christmas Anxiety moment.  The producer was very nice about it and patiently kept saying “Rolling!” whenever I lost my gist.  I can only hope that the no-joining-fee gym membership ad didn’t suffer too much.  I hope listeners won’t be able to tell that as I was extolling the benefits of cardio-vascular apparatus, I was actually thinking about eating my own bodyweight in profiteroles.  O the hypocrisy!


So once Rich and I had finished our voicing shift, we PARTIED HARD.  You should’ve seen us.  It was WILD here in the office.  We played the ‘what are your top 5 sitcoms / novelty records / endangered species’ game and I have to say we concurred on most categories in a way that suggests either mind-reading or brain-washing – it’s hard to tell which…

And once the last Frazzle was eaten, the last tune fizzled to a slow fade and the Tizer (of course it was Tizer!) was nought but a memory, we called it a day and knocked off for the year.  And how did Rich cope with the excitement?  Reader, I carried him.

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