A peek around the door into Mr Dickson’s dressing room

I’ve just had an email from celebrity voice artiste Peter Dickson who is ‘the voice’ of The Mental Spa, the ridiculous comedy podcast I do with my friend and comic muse Dave Whits.  I’ll quote it in full.

“In my dressing room I  want:

  • A bowl of Smarties with all the brown ones removed
  • 12 Sheepskin Drapes
  • 2 fridges. One full of Bollinger the other for the cold spoons and the Vaseline
  • Two 17 year old Thai girls (there’s nothing funny about me)
  • An Ostrich skin Chaise Longue with 2 Duck down filled silk pillows
  • A massage table + Masseuse
  • A metronone (don’t ask)
  • A 12 foot length of nylon rope
  • A pair of eye masks
  • An endless supply of Cantonese Lychees
  • And a boxing glove”

We’re having trouble sourcing the ostrich skin Chaise Longue…  If anyone can help us out, do let us know.  In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Episode 2 of The Mental Spa.

Sometimes you just can’t sight-read the damn product name

Not my circus, not my monkeys – aka ‘Ode to Four Seasons Total Landscaping.’

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