A post I never thought I’d write


I’ve never used this blog to talk about politics or big issues. It seemed irrelevant to my website, inappropriate; what can a woman who puts on funny voices for a living possibly have to offer any kind of meaningful debate?

But right now, politics is occupying most of my thoughts. Or, to be more accurate, I find myself preoccupied with thoughts about upholding basic human rights, integrity, dignity and honour.

The world, it seems, has collided with the gross narcissism of Tr*mp. (Sorry, I can’t bear to write his full name. It’s the kind of feeling I have when I write the word ‘c*nt’). The cult of celebrity, the brashness, the noise, the me-me-me, the fake news, the constant bloody tweeting – Tr*mp embodies the ugly shallowness of our times.

Set against the lies spouted every day by his authoritarian administration, with all its bigotry, misogyny and racism, Tr*mp’s America is repellent to anyone who cares about people and our wellbeing on this beautiful, extraordinarily rural planet.

There are many others far more qualified than me to muse on politics. I can only speak of being a mum, a wife, a friend – a person; what’s happening in America is abhorrent – it offends my humanity. Extreme vetting? A racist Executive Order demanding religious persecution released on Holocaust Remembrance Day? I am sickened.

Tr*mp may rely on wearing us down with lies, doublespeak and an eventual normalisation of our disgust: a collective ‘tsk, Old Tr*mp’s at it again everyone’ shrug of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes.

What he has no answer to is motivated, determined and unshakeable public opposition.

And if it’s true that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, just imagine the upsurge of compassion and wisdom that’s coming. Eventually.

If you cannot tolerate Tr*mp’s values: stand up, speak out.

Personally, I don’t think I have a choice; to remain silent would be unconscionable.


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