Rhythmic voiceover reads and the challenge of timing


Reading a radio commercial to a specific rhythm can be tricky. Sometimes it’s a doddle but sometimes the experience stretches your voiceover skills. This is especially true if the meter of the rhyme doesn’t fit perfectly with the available rhythm.

But – heck – you know me, always up for a challenge.

I was chuffed to voice this campaign. It’s for a department store and my brief was to sound upbeat, slightly zany and indefatigably cheerful.

As you’ll hear I went for ‘unhinged Julie Andrews.’

We recorded the session down the line which presents technical challenges. There’s a slight latency when you send and receive audio over the web. This means that when the producer was sending the music across the internet into my headphones, it arrived a tiny bit late. Similarly, when I said the words, the producer and my client heard them a fraction of a second later too. This resulted in me sounding like I was a beat too late. Thankfully, with a bit of electronic jiggery-pokery, the audio slid back into its perfect place in the mix.

Anyway. Have a listen. It’s a bit mad…but it was ace to do.

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*DING* I have ‘big project’ news…

I’m reading poetry, just to cope.

What did the creation of Lake Windermere sound like?

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