my sedentary lifestyle

My sedentary lifestyle

Being a voiceover isn’t a physically taxing job. I spend hours every day either hunched over my computer or baying into a microphone, and both scenarios involve me spending a considerable amount of time sat on my equally considerable arse.  And Reader, this is a worry.  If I’m not careful, my KitKat habit could render me morbidly obese, I might start having to wear nothing but tracky bottoms, or worse, get too large to get out of the front door.  I need to take action.  Fast.

Fast action!

Now, you might think the first thing I could do is stop eating KitKats, but that would be ridiculous.  No, what I need to do is build in a modicum of exercise into my day.  And how do I do this?  I can’t exactly start jogging while voicing, can I?  (Or can I…? Note to self: experiment with this concept when voicing nasty credit examples…)  I need to think of ways to flex my flaccid muscles.

Flaccid muscles

So what have I done?  I’ve re-designed the office.  Oh yes.  When I decide to do something, I do it.  I mean business.  Here’s my five-point plan to a healthy lifestyle:

1. I’ve moved the fax machine.  This means that when I receive a fax I have to walk further to retrieve it.  Not only that, but the constant checking of the machine means I get to do lots of squats getting in and out of my chair every day!
2. I’ve moved the recycling bin.  As a green voiceover, I recycle all my paper.  So after every session, I now have to hike towards the recycling receptacle.  You see how easy it is!  Not only am I green, I’m lean.
3. I’ve also moved the job-sheet file, the shredder, the post-tray AND the envelope stash!  To the untrained eye, it might look as if I’m running round my un-ergonomic office like a loon but they’d be wrong!  I am in fact, the epitome of FITNESS.
4. I eat fewer KitKats.  And Twirls.  And Maynard’s Sours.  Honest.
5. Every time the phone rings, I stand up and jog on the spot for 5 seconds.  (Actually, this last point is a lie but I committed to a five-point plan, so who can blame me for improvising…?)

All tips on how to improve my cardio-vascular performance while not compromising my working day in any way whatsoever will be gratefully received…

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