Sexy bins that talk


Today’s been a bit of a media day.

It’s all because of sexy bins.

That is, bins that talk sexy.

Stay with me.

This is the backstory.

Basically, the Swedish city of Malmö has talking bins. Have a listen.

I got a call from BBC 5 Live asking me if I’d go on the breakfast show to be the UK equivalent of the receptacle in the video above.

Reader, I jumped at the chance.

When I read about this story the other day, I tweeted this:

So you can imagine my delight.

Listeners tweeted BBC 5Live with their ‘sexy bin announcements wish-list’ which is a sentence I never ever thought I’d write.

Suggestions included (but were not limited to):

– Thank you, I like it when you put that there
– Oooo, that’s nice but I’m almost full
– Oooo, you’ve just hit the spot
– Oh! That’s dirty!
– Fill me, you filthy beast

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on those suggestions, should we?

As a follow-up, a much-loved client wrote this blog in which I am described as a ‘sonic slattern.’


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Blessed are the geeks…

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