My no-makeup selfie.


This is a curious piece of audio created for me by a much-loved producer customer. It features several outtakes from one of my recording sessions. The copywriter had specified on the script that he didn’t want me to sound too sexy. Reader, I’ll level with you – for me, that’s a struggle. (Haaaaaaaaa).

The music in this piece was a thing my customer discovered while we were chatting about our shared love of wonderful music. Which, when you hear it, is astonishing given the context of our discussion.
The track is from this video. Yes, there’s TEN HOURS of this track. It’s called ‘Confetti Falling’ and it’s the most unweddingy music I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s aural torture. I hear it’s used in Guantanemo.*
The love and care my producer mate has taken with this is just awe-inspiring. And shows some damn fine production skills to boot. (My “skills” shine through a little less brightly).
Listen and enjoy this behind-the-curtain peek into one of my highly professional voiceover recording sessions. It’s a great way to waste 53 seconds of your life.


* not really
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