I *love* cats. For the first time in my life, after the loss of our noble Einstein (pictured left, in ‘weekend’ attire) I am without a cat. I have a dog, who I adore, but I miss being owned by a cat.


So I was delighted to be asked to voice this year’s winter campaign for Cats’ Protection. It’s called ‘Libby Left Behind – a winter’s tail.’


I’ll warn you, it’s a tear-jerker. It tells the story of a snow-bound rescue. The film might be an animated work of fiction, but the story is based on the valuable work the Cat’s Protection does – they help 500 cats every day.


I got the script through and I was in bits reading it. I was in bits recording it. I edited out most of the sobbing, but kept a bit in so the film-makers could use it if they fancied it.


Reader, afterwards I was a mess. Poor Libby!



I’d love it if you’d give this film a watch. It’s beautifully animated. Enjoy.

Find out more about Cats’ Protection on Facebook, here.

Want to hear more tear-jerkers? Click here.


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