The day I met a flasher

"Could you stop pulling that face please, Emma? What? That's your actual face? Er..."

“Could you stop pulling that face please, Emma? What? That’s your actual face? God, I’m so sorry…”

A couple of years ago an award-winning international portrait photographer called to ask if he could come and take my photograph. I was flattered. Not least because my usual media of audio is, by its very nature, not visual. His work is also stunning. He sent me examples of portraits he’s done for others and I was honestly blown away.

“Would you like me to wear anything in particular?” I said. “I mean, I wear glasses so I could put contacts in. Perhaps put on a snazzy top?”

He told me he was sure I’d look just fine.

I felt confident, excited at the prospect of seeing what manner of magic he’d create.

So he pitched up on the appointed day, lugging cameras and lights and an assistant and sat me in my studio. He positioned me very carefully.

“I know exactly vot I vant,” he said. (He was European).

And the result?



Here’s the proof.


I think it’s probably true that I do indeed have a face for radio.

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