Translate these phrases into actual English and you’ll win a prize!*

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me this amazing email a friend of his had just received. He forwarded it for a laugh and also as incontrovertible proof that he’s got friends. Reader, the email didn’t disappoint.

We’ve all had those begging scam emails, right? The ones where Foreign Person A is in Plight B where Threat C means Armageddon unless you send them your entire life savings, yeah? And you usually hit delete? Yeah, me too. But be warned – delete it without reading it and you could be missing out on COMEDY GOLD.

The email was addressed to “The entire radio station.”


“Because now the world’s crisis, our “home disabled ?52/41” will not get money from sponsors (because they are bankrupt) for medicines and because of this we can not always give us the necessary medicines. We hurt pain.

Our group of 60 people like your radio, we listen via the Internet! Many times. We are a real fan of creative DJs, music and programs. We really love your country, your music and listen to your radio, we will drown in your life and the world. We are angry dream souvenirs with the logo of your radio! Thank you!”

I’ll send a prize* to anyone who can successfully translate:

  1. a)    “We will drown in your life and the world”


  1. b)   “We are angry dream souvenirs with the logo of your radio.”

Intriguing, isn’t it?


*by ‘prize’ I mean ‘nothing.’

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