Emma’s voice is incredibly versatile. She has a rare ability – she can create characters that are instantly believable and are vividly portrayed. With her musical ear, she can also do many different accents.

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Some of Emma’s clients

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“Emma Clarke is a rarely gifted creative artist who has left a profound impression on me. Emma has done voice-over work for me for radio and film and on every occasion has proven herself to be vastly versatile performer who hits the perfect note without fail. Such is her ability she can create the perfect regional accent and tone of voice with little effort. She is the creme de la creme of voice-overs and actresses and is without a doubt, not only one of the finest female perfomers I have worked with, but also one of the finest performers of either sex. She is the best there is.”
David Gilbank, Film maker and screenwriter
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“Emma is one of my most requested voiceovers in Dubai. I love the ease and efficiency she brings to recording sessions and clients love her professionalism. Highly recommended!”
Russell Featherstone, audio producer


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