Emma has a flair for comedy. She can create funny characters and perform with perfect comic timing. Get yourself a brew and have a listen to this selection.

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Comedy reads

Clearing the Air

She wrote the show and stars as Claudette Bewley, an enthusiastic official at the Radio Advertising Standards Agency.

Emma’s Audition To Read Erotic Fiction

Here’s an imagined audition of Emma, aged 80, auditioning to read Erotic Fiction. Enjoy.

Emma’s spoof newsreader audition

Have a listen to this spoof audition Emma sent to a local radio station hoping to become a newsreader.

Some of Emma’s clients

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“Emma is a first class VoiceOver. The fact that she is also a talented writer and performer means she is able to bring even the most mundane script to life. She’s also a very funny lady.”
Debbie Dillon, BBC Creative
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“Emma is the consummate Voice Over Professional. She has the ability to deliver complex information clearly and precisely. She can bring creative flare to scripts when voicing them and responds brilliantly to direction. She is able to give scripts exactly the right weighting whether comic or straight. She is also a voice requested by my clients who have heard her voice on their scripts in the past.”
Simon Rushton, creative director, Mola Mola Creative


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