It’s All Go

Emma often shares her studio with international voiceover sensation Rich Sweetman. Here’s a series of peek-behind-the-curtain films they created that give a unique insight into everyday life in their studio.

Although these films were made in 2009, they are (at least according to Emma’s daughter), “still relevant.”

Using eye-popping visual effects and stunning voiceover audio, these films – once watched – aren’t easily forgotten.

They’re a study in the everyday drama of office-cum-studio life and serve as an uncanny echo of the reality of the mystery of the Clarke/Sweetman chemistry.

There are six gripping episodes, culminating in a steamy late night adult version, and the final moving episode, The Christmas Fancy Dress Ball.

Please watch, share, and…remember.

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We have had Emma as our station voice since 2008 and we have built up both a professional and personal relationship over the years. We have found her to be excellent at what she does and gives us that little more personality for our station. Quick turnaround on audio projects too.
Mike O’Brien, 90s Network, Dublin


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