Stupid Stuff and Out-Takes

Take a break from work and settle down for a few minutes/hours with some of Emma’s admittedly pointless diversions.

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Spoof London Underground announcements

One of Emma’s claims to fame is that she was one of the ‘Mind The Gap’ voices on London Underground.

Enjoy some of her spoof tube announcements…

“Voiceover jobs I have declined”

There are *some* jobs Emma just can’t bring herself to do. Listen to this and find out why…

NB – NSFW or children.

Some of Emma’s clients

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“Emma Clarke is arguably the best FVO working in the industry today. Emma can always be relied upon to deliver the read you want, be it a straight, neutral, warm read, a cartoon pear, as in one job she did for us, or anything in between. Emma takes direction as intended and understands what you want from the script with an almost instinctive and uncanny accuracy. On top of all this, sessions with Emma are always a bright point in any day, for I know that along with the ideal read there will always be a little friendly banter.”
Allen Vincent, production director at Clocktower Creative
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“The perfect delivery. Every single time. Guaranteed. And always up for a brew and some cake.”
Chris Stevens, director, Devaweb


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