Emma voices all sorts of content for podcasts including narration, performing in sketches, storytelling, advertisements, legal disclaimers and audio branding liners.

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Swindled Podcast

Emma records various voiceovers for this iconic podcast, created by the brilliant and mysterious anonymous presenter, A Concerned Citizen.

The Offcuts Drawer

Emma is one of the cast members for this podcast about writing and writers.

Emma is often a guest on podcasts. Here’s one example.

Some of Emma’s clients

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“I’ve just started working with Emma but I can’t speak highly enough of how impressive she’s been. She comes with ideas, the best audio quality and the ability to perform a range of voices. It’s all done incredibly efficiently too as we received everything we needed within 24 hours. A joy to work with.”
Steve Jones, producer, Crowd Network
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“I’m so happy to have found Emma! She is incredibly talented and such a delight to work with. Everything we create becomes so much better when she is a part of it. Highly recommended! “
A Concerned Citizen, host and creator of the Swindled podcast


If you’d like to talk to Emma about being a guest in a podcast, drop her a line.

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