Need a pro VoiceOver on your podcast?

I’m a multi-award-winning pro voice actor with about 307 years’ experience. If you make podcasts and you’re passionate about audio, you’re going to want your stuff to sound the best it possibly can.

Have a quick listen to this to learn more about what I can do for you and your podcast.

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The kinds of things I can do for podcast creators are:


  • recording imaging liners – these are the lines you hear that are the ‘brand identification’ on a podcast. So the voiceover that announces the title, authors and contributors and so on.
  • self-recording any lines, advertisements, sketches or text that would be inserted into a podcast here in my studio based on your brief
  • recording voiceover content with the producer/client listening in as they direct the session. My studio has ISDN, Source Connect Now, ipDTL and Skype so I’m accessible to anyone with the same tech.


Content I’m really interested in:

  • comedy
  • drama
  • storytelling
  • anything for kids
  • factual
  • educational
  • anything compelling!


Have a listen to some of my work…

Straight reads

Some emotional stuff

Some weird stuff…

Stuff with different accents…

Comedy stuff

There’s even poetry!

Want to learn more? Have a read of my Guide to Hiring a Voiceover.

And if you’re really short on bedtime reading, take a look at my handy guide to helping voiceovers with pronunciations.

Have a listen to some of my demos and enjoy!

Hope to work with you soon. 🙂

Some of Emma’s clients

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“I’ve just started working with Emma but I can’t speak highly enough of how impressive she’s been. She comes with ideas, the best audio quality and the ability to perform a range of voices. It’s all done incredibly efficiently too as we received everything we needed within 24 hours. A joy to work with.”
Steve Jones, producer, Crowd Network
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“I’m so happy to have found Emma! She is incredibly talented and such a delight to work with. Everything we create becomes so much better when she is a part of it. Highly recommended! “
A Concerned Citizen, host and creator of the Swindled podcast

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