Emma is an excellent actress and can conjure a whole spectrum of emotion. She can cry, sound as if she’s on the brink of crying, sound grief-stricken, sound as if she might cry and sound as if she’s *just had* a damn good cry.

Basically, if you want crying, Emma can deliver. Take a listen.

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Here’s a selection of tear-jerkers: variety of melancholy moods.

Tear-jerkers playlist

This collection of commercials was truly heart-breaking to record. During the session, both Emma and the producer John Calvert had to take a break to wipe away the tears. This audio was the result.

Need a voice that sounds on the edge of tears? Have a listen to this:

When We Got To The Seventh

In this episode of WHEN WE GOT TO THE SEVENTH, Emma properly breaks down. Enjoy. A Glint Against the Black:

In this episode, Emma captures the grief of a broken love-affair. All You Can Do Is Embrace It:

Emma Clarke is one of the best voice talents in the UK. Simple as.. No matter what script I give her, she always brings things to life, and gives it 200% effort. The one thing I love about working with Emma, is that she will bring out really different ideas in terms of voice delivery that you never thought of.. She’s one of my favourite voice artists.
Karl Svenson, Creative Director Tadah! Media


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